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"In a negotiation we should keep a clear head, a warm heart and stay nimble on our feet." 

- Geurt Jan de Heus

About Geurt Jan de Heus

Geurt Jan de Heus is 60 years old, married and father of three. He is a passionate painter and golf player.


After studying medicine at the University of Utrecht, Geurt Jan de Heus worked as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry for years. He made a career switch in 1996, when Geurt Jan started focussing on negotiation at RoutsLaeven. RoutsLaeven specializes in training, coaching and advising on the field of negotiation. Geurt Jan became a managing partner in 1998. His creative side shows during his sessions for RoutsLaeven, where he uses a lot of visuals. To make this more concrete, Geurt Jan de Heus released his first book in May 2017, ‘Mastering the Art of Negotiation’.

Geurt Jan de Heus


Geurt Jan de Heus has been working as a negotiation mediator, coach and consultant for over 20 years. As a partner at RoutsLaeven, he always strives for a win-win situation. 

Geurt Jan de Heus


In May 2017, Geurt Jan released his first book: "Mastering the Art of Negotiation". Mastering the Art of Negotiation combines Geurt Jan's 20 years of consulting experience with beautiful illustrations to create a practical guide for win-win situations. 

Geurt Jan de Heus


Geurt Jan de Heus has been a painter for many years. Mastering several disciplines, Geurt Jan has had the honor of displaying his work in several art galleries. His collection of paintings varies widely in size and style.



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