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Geurt Jan de Heus


The premise of this book is that it is both possible and necessary to create value together, distribute the consequences fairly, while strengthening the relationship. In times where 'win as much as you can' is on the rise worldwide, this is a refreshing alternative. The book goes beyond deal-making situations. It covers decision-making, solving problems together, leading and cooperating, creating partnerships, handling difficult situations, and managing the games people play.
Using this book and the toolkit will let you embrace complexity and uncertainty with a clear head, a warm heart and on nimble feet.


Mastering the Art of Negotiation is underpinned by the author’s 20-plus years of experience in negotiating and developing better negotiators. Building on the well-known principles from Getting to Yes, Geurt Jan de Heus introduces and combines visuals and text to make your personal learning journey both enjoyable and effective.

In mastering the art of negotiation, Geurt Jan wanted to combine his passion for helping people become better negotiators and the power of visualization. His passion for 'the Arts' and Negotiation meet. Most negotiation books are 'left brain' exercises: fact based, lineair written and that's often very useful, but difficult to read. Geurt Jan wanted to add visuals to make the learning stick.


More then 100 visuals will help you increase your awareness of negotiation situations, get insights of personal styles of others and yourself, or look at the negotiation journey form the outside in.


So by combining visuals, concepts and tools Geurt Jan hopes to give you insights for your learning journey. 

Geurt Jan de Heus
Geurt Jan de Heus


"Illustrated with beautiful and compelling visuals, Geurt Jan de Heus has created an insightful and practical guide for negotiating win-win solutions. Very useful indeed!”

William Ury

Co-author, Getting to Yes and author, Getting to Yes with Yourself

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