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Geurt Jan de Heus

Geurt Jan is passionate about making the world a better place through more ‘constructive dialogues’. These dialogues are grounded in an open and exploratory mindset, with respect for others and self,  while aiming for an even distribution and fair processes. Helping others to live out these principles with confidence and agility is an important part of his mission.

Geurt Jan is a hands-on coach. He helps people to create a clear head, interact with a warm heart and stay on nimble feet. He uses secure-based leadership as a foundation to stimulate and be challenged.

In his coaching practice, he often uses a three step approach:

  • Analysing the complex business case from a strategical, tactical and personal point of view

  • Diagnosis and plan

  • Helping you to overcome personal blockages, dysfunctional patterns and develop a clear view on the case from a strategical and tactical perspective

Many of his coachees are managers in transition. Therefore, his coaching work is often referred to as leadership development and advise. His 20-plus years of experience mean that he is frequently asked to act as an advisor during difficult negotiation processes involving the public sector, larger corporations and family businesses.


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Geurt Jan de Heus
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